Aerospace Engineering

Piaggio Aerospace A long path facing aerodynamic design problems, methodologies development, management and technical activities in several European and national research projects has consolidated the collaboration with Piaggio Aerospace. Piaggio is partner in the European research project RBF4AERO (FP7) in which Design Methods collaborates through the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Johnson Electric The collaboration with Johnson Electric began in 2011. It concerns a wide program of design methods development for turbomachinery based on numerical optimization procedures coupling proprietary parametric codes, for geometric generation, CAE analysis tools and codes of noise prediction. The optimization environment is managed by a combination of routines written in Fortran and in Scilab.

logo ADAG logo UNINA The Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II” is one of the main references for the research and dissemination of aerospace disciplines. Its tradition dates back to 1926, when the Laboratory of Aeronautical Structures was established by Gen. Prof. Umberto Nobile, famous designer, pilot of airships and polar explorer. The relations with the ADAG (Aircraft Design & AeroFlightDynamics Group) are consolidated by a long collaboration in several national and European research projects. The department has the use of a subsonic wind tunnel and, thanks to the collaboration with DIN (Department of Naval Engineering), a 136 mt towing tank.

logo mec. UNIROMA logo UNIROMA The collaboration with the Enterprise Department “Mario Lucertini” of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” began in 2010 together with Piaggio Aerospace and continues today with research activities on aeroelasticity applied to aerospace field.

logo RBF-Morph RBF–Morph is the first mesh morphing tool available on the market that fulfills the most demanding industrial design requirements with the state of the art in scientific research. RBF-Morph is one of the key points in the development of numerical optimization environments based on CAE tools.

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