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8 – 12 March 2015

High Performance Yacht Design international conference (HPYD 5)

HPYD5 The New Zealand Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) and the University of Auckland organized, during the Volvo Ocean Race stopover, the fifth edition of the “High Performance Yacht Design international conference”. Design Methods was in New Zealand to attend the conference and to present a paper titled “A CFD–Based Wing Sail Optimization Method Coupled to a VPP”. The work was prepared in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh (UK), the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (IT) and the Naval Academy Research Institute of the French “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers” (ENSAM).

December 2014

European research project RIBES (7th EU FWP)

RIBES Last December started the research project RIBES (Radial basis functions at fluid Interface Boundaries to Envelope flow results for advanced Structural analysis) funded by the European Community under the program Joint Technology Initiatives (FP7–JTI). The goal of the project is to develop and validate an accurate method for load transfer between non-conformal computational domains (CFD–FEM). Design Methods will be responsible for the experimental part which involves the construction of an elastic half wing model and an extensive measurements campaign in the wind tunnel.

27 – 28 October 2014

International CAE Conference 2014

CAE conference 2014 Design Methods was present with two works at the thirtieth edition of the “International CAE Conference” held in Verona (Italy) the 27th and 28th of October. The first, entitled “Automotive axial flow fans: design and optimization”, was developed in collaboration with Johnson Electric and concerns the development of a numerical optimization procedure for turbomachinery. The second, entitled “RBF-based aerodynamic optimization of an industrial glider”, describes a numerical optimization applied to the aerodynamic performance improvement of an industrial glider.

September 2014

RBF4AERO – A&C Analisi e Calcolo

D'Appollonia and Pipistrel Another article was published in the “A&C Analisi e Calcolo” journal in the number 64. The title is “Ottimizzazione aerodinamica di un aliante industriale mediante l’utilizzo di RBF”. It describes the shape optimization of the wing/fuselage junction region of a glider affected by a significant separation in maneuvering. The work, in which were involved also D’Appollonia and Pipistrel, was developed within the European project RBF4AERO.

May 2013

A&C Analisi e Calcolo

A&C The article entitled “Ottimizzazione dell’ala di un velivolo classe Business” was published in the number 56 of the “A&C Analisi e Calcolo” journal. This article is one of the results of the collaboration between Design Methods, Piaggio Aerospace and the of enterprise engineering department “Mario Lucertini” of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. The paper describes the numerical optimization of the wing sweep angle of a business class aircraft through geometric parameterization using mesh morphing techniques based on Radial Basis Functions.

November 2013

European research project RBF4AERO (7th EU FWP)

RBF4AERO Design Methods joined the technical team of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” for the European research project RBF4AERO (Innovative benchmark technology for aircraft engineering design and efficient design optimization phase). The project, funded by the European Union within the seventh Framework Programme, began in September 2013 and will last three years.

22 – 23 October 2012

International CAE Conference 2012

CAE conference 2012 We were present at the International CAE Conference which was held in Lazise, Verona (Italy) from 22nd to 23rd of October 2012 during which we presented a work carried out in collaboration with Piaggio Aero Industries and the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” entitled “Optimization of wing efficiency vs. sweep angles using mesh morphing”.

9 – 13 September 2012

9th European Fluid Mechanics Conference

logo EFMC9 The work entitled “Fluid Structure Interaction with RBF Morph: Aeroelastic Analysis of a Full Aircraft Model and Comparison with Experimental Data” was presented at the ninth edition of the European Fluid Mechanics Conference (EFMC9) held in Rome from 9th to 13th September 2012. It describes a fluid–structure coupling procedure, validated on an Piaggio Aero Industries experimental test case, in which the deformation of the computational grid is accomplished by RBF–Morph.

March–April 2012

AIAA Journal of Aircraft

logo AIAA The paper entitled “Aeroelastic Analysis of Aircraft Wind Tunnel Model Coupling Structural and Fluid Dynamic Computational Codes” was published in the edition number 2, Vol. 49 of the AIAA Journal of Aircraft(March–April 2012).

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