Aerospace Engineering

Sail Plan and Appendages Numerical Optimization Procedure for Multihulls

Test case 1 Abstract
A numerical optimization procedure of catamarans sail plan and appendages is descripted. The method integrates a parametric geometry model, an automatic computational domain generator and a Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) based on a combination of CFD computations and analytical models.

VOF numerical ventilation correction

Test case 2 Abstract
The implementation of a corrective formulation in VOF multiphase RANS analyses for the reduction of the error introduced by the so called “numerical ventilation” is presented.

Dynamic analysis of a floating body

Test case 3 Abstract
The dynamic of a floating body is studied. Unsteady RANS analyses was performed solving the 1DOF equilibrium. The motion of the body in the domain was modelled by overlapping meshes. The floating transient of the rigid body in flat sea with incoming waves was studied.

Appendage/hull interference resistance estimation

Test case 4 Report under development. Please be patient.

Design of a laminar dagger board for an IMOCA 60

Test case 5 Report under development. Please be patient.

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