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The works reported in this section are a collection of some of the studies conducted during many years of activity in research environments or on projects development. These pages do not have scientific dissemination purposes. They are just a review of a selection of applications which has the aim to give the awareness on the skills available in Design Methods. For this reason, the studies are often only briefly introduced without going into details. Furthermore, much of the material reported refers to property data or sensitive information. For deeper details on the arguments treated please refer to the list of published material reported in the “Publications” page or please contact us using the form on the page “Contact us”.

Development of a software for multipoint laminar airfoil optimization

Test case 1 Abstract
A multipoint single objective optimization procedure for laminar airfoil design has been implemented. The analysis block integrates the geometric module with a fluid dynamic solution based on a coupled panel and integral boundary layer method. The decision making criterion is the Nelder-Mead algorithm based on the simplex method.

Multiobjective optimization of a laminar transonic airfoil for swept wing

Test case 2 Abstract
A Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) transonic airfoil for a swept wing has been designed applying the “Quasi–3D” approach and optimized using genetic algorithms. Several multipoints and multiobjective preliminary optimization cycles was used to setup the configuration of a final optimization environment.

Two dimensional flap shape and position optimization

Test case 3 Abstract
The middle section of the outer flap element of a swept wing has been optimized. The two–dimensional geometry and the freestream flow conditions were defined according to the “principle of cosineĀ””. A 2D numerical optimization procedure, based on a parametric CAD model, a mesh generator and a CFD code, has been developed and applied for the design of the flap shape and the relative position optimization.

Design of a transonic NLF wing

Test case 4 Report under development. Please be patient.

High speed laminar tests at flight Reynolds number

Test case 5 Report under development. Please be patient.

Optimization of a supercritical wing on complete aircraft configuration

Test case 6 Report under development. Please be patient.

Wing stall behavior improvement via leading edge section optimization

Test case 7 Report under development. Please be patient.

3D flap design and performance verification

Test case 8 Report under development. Please be patient.

Winglet design and optimization

Test case 9 Report under development. Please be patient.

Wing–body interference correction

Test case 10 Report under development. Please be patient.

Wing–engine–fuselage installation and interaction analysis

Test case 11 Report under development. Please be patient.

Setup and assessment of a CFD–CSM aeroelastic analysis procedure

Test case 12 Report under development. Please be patient.

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